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Student Internship Program

Student Internship Training Program Guidlelines:

CSIR-NCL Internship Program aims to boost R&D in the country by grooming potential UG and PG level students by developing their research skills in selected areas and disciplines through project/summer internships. Our internship program aims to provide opportunities to promising UG (BE or BTech) /PG (ME, MTech. MSc, M. Pharm) students from universities and colleges to get exposure to specialized research skills and hands-on research skill development experience.

We offer Summer/Project Internship programs in Chemistry/Chemical Engineering/Biochemical Sciences/Physics/ Polymer and Advanced Materials/Management and other allied research areas of interest to CSIR-NCL. Students who wish to pursue their academic projects for 2-12 months as part of their academic curriculum can apply for this program. Interested students are requested to visit the NCL website (www.ncl-india.org) for more details on the current research activities of the laboratory. Students must possess an excellent academic record, interest, and aptitude to pursue research.


Kindly note that there are no fees or charges for such training/project work and it does not offer stipend or fellowship to short-term trainees. Selected students will have to make their own arrangements for travel to and fro as well as for boarding and lodging during the duration of the project/training. Before joining and after selection, students can inform their guides if they need campus accommodation (will be considered in sharing depending on the number of students) on a first-come, first basis. Note that there is no guarantee of any accommodation or meal facility, and as stated, students should be prepared to make their arrangements for travel/boarding/lodging, etc.

Preparing documents before applying online:

1. Keep ready soft copy of intern passport photo(size limit 5 to 50KB) and signature (size limit 5 to 25 KB)

Documents needed at the time of joining CSIR-NCL:

1. College recommendation letter on letter head from institute/university/college

2. Intellectual Property agreement form download option will be available to intern deshboard login in case shortlist by guide/Project Leader

3. Guide Covering letter from NCL guide/project leader(will be Provided by guide/PL.

Duration of Training Program:

1. Minimum duration of the training program is 2 (Two) months.

2. Maximum duration of the training program is 12 (Twelve) months.

3. Summer and short-term training program from 2 to 3 months.

4. Duration depends upon project work requirements and guide/mentor recommendation.

Procedure to join Internship Program:

The following procedure is recommended for seeking short-term training placement at CSIR-NCL:

1. You are requested to identify a specific scientist/guide with whom you would like to carry out the internship training program. For this, kindly go through the website link:(http://www.ncl-india.org/files/Research/SearchScientistProfile.aspx) or the academic website (http://academic.ncl.res.in/).

2. Search guide using Area of research/section/department.
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3. NOTE:

a. Candidates are not required to send or submit hard copy of application form to CSIR-NCL. However, it is advised that candidates bring hard copy of application form in case they are selected for internship program.

b. In case candidate receives an offer to join the internship program they must bring printed copy of application form, a sign copy of college or university recommendation letter on its letter head, and sign copy of IP Agreement Form. All these forms will be available on the candidate's deshboard once they are selected for internshipin program.

c. There is no time limit to shortlist or call for internship program.

d. If a intern position becomes available, candidate will be notifie

d. Is any Stipend to intern during internship?

   Ans: No Stipend. Internships are only for student who are ongoing/appear in degree program of College/Universites.